Is it Possible to Worship and Follow Christ, yet Not Enter His Eternal Kingdom?

Is it possible to worship and follow Christ, yet not enter His eternal kingdom?  Are all faithful, sincere church attenders possessors of eternal life and future citizens of the eternal kingdom of God?  The following video is partial content summary of our Thursday study on John 6.

About bibletruth4africa

What is the gospel? Why should God forgive my sins? Is eternal life a gift or a reward? How can I grow as a Christian? These are just a few of the questions that this resource desires to answer. As a team of pastor in Ghana West Africa, associated with the Anchor Baptist Church of Cape Coast, we desire to get good gospel resources into the hands of people who do desire to know God. We pray that God will use this gospel resource as a tool to help you to know and love Him more, for He alone is worthy of all praise and glory.

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